An introduction to me and Plants to Fork!

“I see your soul and feel your heart. How beautiful life is when you feel someone’s energy. All prejudice disappears.” ~ Siovhinn

Hello you beautiful natural being. Here is a little information about myself and how I would love to help you become the best possible, healthier version of yourself.

I am a whole food plant-based nutritionist and I want to share my knowledge and passion with you to get those delicious and nutritious plants to fork.

I will be writing about how eating a plant-based diet and getting the right vitamins and minerals can heal your body.

In my blog posts, I am going to teach you all about the best nutrition, how to get plants to fork, how your body works and how to keep young, fit and healthy.

I want you to be able to love and heal yourself. So I am going to show you what plants are nutritious and how they can heal you.

Here you will learn how easy it is to grow your own vegetables and herbs. There will also be delicious recipes to try out.  With this knowledge, I know that you will become a fabulous plant-based chef in your own kitchen.

Me in a nutshell

I am a free spirit, full of love and empathy for all beings. I am kind to everyone. I love everything about life. 

I believe we are all beings of energy. So I feel every living being’s energy, including our planet’s energy. I am compassionate and empathetic.

I live my life organically and I love ALL life fully.  

Please feel free to drop me a line, say hi, ask a question, maybe you would like to know about a specific vegetable, how to cook it, grow it or you just want to know what nutritional value it has. 

I will answer your question by writing a blog about it.

Don’t be shy, knowledge is power, it can free your mind, body and soul. Please join me on this healthy lifestyle journey, that will change your thinking and your life for the better.

In love with nature!